Leigh Hennessy Robson



Please allow me to introduce myself along with presenting my submission for Stunt Coordinator on your upcoming film. My numerous credits include sharing the screen with Kevin Costner in The Guardian, taking hits as Demi Moore’s stunt double in GI Jane, and brutalizing teens as Helen Mirren’s stunt double in Teaching Mrs. Tingle. Since my recent return to my home state of Louisiana, I have been fortunate to coordinate stunts on several projects for the SyFy Channel, ABC Family and more.

As a Louisiana Local Stunt Coordinator with extensive L.A. experience, I am familiar with both the local and national stunt community while focusing on the local resources. The stunt department can keep costs down using local talent as much as possible while still getting the best vision for the action scenes in the safest manner.  In addition, I have a kit with equipment that will enhance any shot in your script.

Additional credentials that might be of interest are that I am a World Champion Trampolinist and I have a Master’s Degree in Communication from the University of Louisiana in Lafayette. My athletic background gives me an edge in understanding movement, and my ability to communicate directions to talent is always clear and concise.  I understand the balance between the excitement of the stunts, the unique story the Director is telling on film, and the safety of all concerned.

Please review my background information and feel free to contact my references.  It would be my pleasure to work on this film as your Stunt Coordinator.



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